Robbie Callas Cup

"to remember a local folksinger and to promote the kind of singing that he loved"

Well would you believe it - here we are on the brink of another Robbie Callas Cup Song Competition? If next February's evening of song and shindiggery is anything like the other two then we are in for a most delightful night.

For some of last February's performers it was their first time singing without a guitar or other instrument and I hope that the experience was a positive one that has inspired them to do more solo singing. The voice is as important as the instrument – it tells the story and that’s the all. So come along and give it a go - there are still a few entry places for this special night but they are going fast.

That doesn't mean you can't come along and listen of course but as we have quite a few contestants to hear there may not be time for you to sing.

Without you there is no TUFS. Thank you again for keeping the folk singing alive. See you soon and especially on the first Monday in February for the Robbie Callas Cup.

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